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Jewish Expulsion from 87 Locations Over 350 Times

If a man were accused of a serious crime, tried, and found guilty by a jury of his peers, we would find but little cause to put faith in a claim by him of persecution. However, if he insisted that the reason for his charge of misconduct was only because he believed differently than others, then we might grant him a second trial to assure ourselves he had not been the victim of injustice, believing with confidence that the people would not for a second time find an innocent party guilty of a crime that he did not commit.

If, at the conclusion of the second trial by another jury of peers, the man is found guilty of an offense against the people, we have no reason to listen to or place belief in continued cries of persecution. What does this have to do with the Jew? Quite simple. Since the year 139 B.C., the Jews have, by their own records and count, been expelled from AT LEAST eighty-seven (87) countries, nations or political entities. Let’s see now. Eighty-seven countries, eighty-seven people’s courts, eighty-seven guilty verdicts, and eighty-seven cries of persecution.

The first time, maybe. The second time doubtful. But to have been found worthy of expulsion by the people of AT LEAST eighty-seven different countries for crimes against the people of those countries? Such a claim stretches the limits of human credulity beyond its most liberal bounds of endurance.

When one comes to the realization of the fact that these different peoples in most of these cases did not know of each other, or for that matter had never even heard of the other’s existence, and yet determined, independently, over a two-thousand-seven-hundred year span of time that the Jews were committing such serious crimes that it was necessary to uproot them lock, stock and barrel in order to drive them from their homes, many times with loss of life and great destruction of property, it is then and only then, that one can truly appreciate the gravity of the Jewish Question.

I’ve been compiling this list for over a year now. There may be some reproductions here as I haven’t managed to verify all of them yet, however, I have reliable sources(mostly jewish sources) for 311 (yes, three-hundred-and-eleven) so far. There are also undoubtedly tens – if not hundreds – of expulsions also still missing from this list, so the final total most likely will have to be updated and posted here again in time. However, I think this is a good time to post this (after my post the other day I did a lot more research and source-finding) as it shows the well-known 109 number falls very, very short.


Save this / Share this / Add to it / Do whatever you want with it. I’ll edit this list with sources when I finish and post it here again in a few months.


Adamic Amethyst video

Kicked Out 109 Times? Try 359! (High Quality) w/ Sources

SouthernFascistFeels writes:

I would argue with the first couple that they were not jewish people at the time, the group in babylon would come back to Jerusalem and then mix with the locals who moved into their old lands, who God in the OT hates with a passion. Talmudism was finally codified in around 300 A.D but the “traditions of the elders” was around a lot longer, and was brought back from Babylon with some stringent groups, its all really complicated, anyway, i would say maybe 357 or so instead of 360, but still it doesn’t fucking matter, this needs to be posted everywhere, everyone needs a copy of this, and everyone needs yo understand its not 110-never again its 350-never again. The numbers are honestly fucking staggering, and yet they claim the old testament is theirs, God said he would make Israel many nations, yet the jews have one nation it’s so fucking preposterous, the book they claim to have written doesn’t even back up their history. What a bunch of delusional megalomaniacs.

Jews are not of the line of Judah. Jews are NOT the descendants of Jacob/Israel. The first 4 on the list are inaccurate.

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Articles written by jews who admit it, but of course make excuses as to why:



Download the excel file here:

359 times

Download the rich text file here with clickable links:

Jewish Expulsions 359 Clickable

Source article by Michael Byron:
Anon Proves That Jews Were Expelled from at Least 359 Locations

For some reason, everyone seems to hate these people.

Most people reading the Daily Stormer should be familiar with the fact that Jews have been expelled from 109 locations around the world. This little piece of information is, after all, one of the sharpest arrows we have in our quiver when debating cuckolds who still believe that the Jews have a right to exist.

Sometimes, however, we underestimate just how thoroughly Jewish the Jews actually are. 109 times in almost two millennia? Yeah, that always did seem a little low to me.

It seems that an anon from 8chan’s /pol/ board felt the same way. Armed with nothing more than a computer, spare time, and the power of autism made manifest, the diligent anti-Semite decided to compile a more in-depth list of locations in which the Jews were expelled.

His number? 359 at minimum.

Yeah, that sounds more like the Jews we all know and love.

Here is the OP (the thread is still available here):

(Here’s the list with full sources that wouldn’t fit properly on the page.)

I’m not into numerology, but even I can’t overlook the obvious symbolism of the 359 number.

If the Jews are expelled from one more location (e.g. Planet Earth) then, according to this list, they will have been expelled from 360 locations.

360 degrees = a full circle.

The word for “circle” in Yiddish is “keikl.”

“Keikl” is the origin of “kike”!

Lord Kek is still with us, goys. He never left our side for a moment.

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